April 11, 2021

Our Favorite Coffee Sampler Pack

By Elizabeth Strickland
Our Favorite Coffee Sampler Pack

Us coffee drinkers sometimes get stuck in a rut with our chosen brew every morning or head to the same coffee shop every day when we need our caffeine hit. Either way, a coffee sampler can introduce us to new flavors, blends and origins and broaden our palettes. Find your favorite coffee by sampling a variety and get drinking!

Are you curious about what part of the world makes the best coffee? Start exploring with the Stars and Stripes Roasting Co. sampler pack!  Each coffee is ethically and environmentally sourced from around the world.  Try single-origin coffees from six different countries with a range of roasts. Roasting is done the day it is shipped to you to ensure the freshest coffee.  They also come pre-ground, so they’re a breeze to brew for those mornings where you just want something simple to make. Each pouch makes a 10-cup pot of coffee, so you can gather a few friends or family members to help you taste test.

  • Six 2 oz bags
  • Ground coffee
  • Light, medium & dark roasts

This coffee is not only is great-tasting, but also 10% of each purchase is donated to provide housing to veterans and their families. 

Try the Stars and Stripes Roasting Co. sampler pack today!

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